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Remote Robotics(ReRo) Lab

India's First 24/7 Virtual Robotics Lab by an Educational Institution


The IEEE Robotics and Automation Student Chapter of PES University, in association with cRAIS (Centre for Robotics Automation and Intelligent Systems), has established ReRo Lab, India's first 24/7 remote robotics lab by an educational institution. It offers students and researchers remote access to real robots, allowing users to upload code and perform tests in a safe, controlled environment. The lab is equipped with the latest hardware and software required for remote programming, and a web platform that provides clear visual representation of the robot's movements and actions during the programming process.

The lab was inaugurated on 27th March 2023. Read More on Linkedin

  • The lab enables users from anywhere in the world to control the robots and run developed algorithms remotely, without needing to purchase any hardware.
  • The lab offers a chance to experiment with various features and applications on real robots in a simulated environment with obstacles.
  • The lab can be used for task testing and training in academia and research.
  • The lab will be autonomous and available for use globally in the near future.


The lab is currently being tested and additional bots are in being made to support variety of learning. We intend to launch it publically by July 2023, in form of a National Remote Robotics Hackathon.